Thursday, 2 April, 2009


It feels good to be writing again...even if its utter crap that i'd be spilling out.anyways life has been great since the last 4 months or college is looking ahead to newer challenges now..but wait this isnt what i wanted to say. its like my heart wants me to write a poem..its been such a long hiatus that the words arent coming...maybe tonight i'll pen something down...i think and i guess today its gonna be there on paper...have this feeling since yesterday...lets wait and watch...i dont remember when was the last time i felt so...
lets see if words cross my path like they earlier did or maybe i've to go in search for them...any which way, my blog needs a new poem and more than that its ME WHO NEEDS IT!!! :) :)

Tuesday, 25 November, 2008

Giving up.... :) :(

I know life's gonna be tasteless
with you not being around
For you've forever been so tempting
and your sweetness knew no bounds

During the dark n dull moments
when nothing seemed to be good
Thinking of you alone
would always lift up my mood

Life does demand, giving up
things that one truly adores
So when you'll finally leave
I'd want you all the more

"I'll miss you", is an understatement
for something that brought on my smile
Its gonna be hard to stay away
even if its just for a while!!

This is one of the toughest decisions I've taken..!!
a few sacrifices do benefit us...I sincerely hope this one works the best for me.... :)

Sunday, 16 November, 2008

The last night call...

I was half asleep,felt some vibrations near my pillow,within few secs i realized it was my cell phone ringing...displaying Radhika..the call was unexpected,as it was too late for her to sleep..i recieved the call......"hello"! instead of an ans i heard a cry!!that was really unexpected....something started running in my head....thought "it is the same cheapo who has disturbed her terribly", coming out of my thoughts i requested her to calm down....and she was her turn to speak out..u cant even guess wt was the reason!!he was not that cheapo,her few classmates (damn!they made her cry)!just becoz she scored good in her GRE..She went through all those taunts and cheap comments..which made her feel isolated ...she felt as if she was standing in a tell me, should it be a reason for someone to cry??why some people who not even hold a place in our lives, influence it so she is fine...all of herself...happy cherishing..all of them dosen't bother her any more..i just wanna say........never let others to affect ur life..this bothers ur near happy ...because someone wants to see u happy!!

Saturday, 15 November, 2008

In search of ME...........

Inspite of being surrounded by all my friends, spending lots of time with them, talking with them for hours together...i feel something's missing...its been more than a month nw...there's something..don't know wht...that's making me sad, very sad...I'm smiling, cracking jokes, having a wonderful time but deep inside me there's a certain void...a vacuum...each smile seems pretentious...I fail to understand whats gone wrong...exteriorly everything is so very perfect...but underneath it all...i don't know...I really don't know..I've never been so vague about myself...but this time its like i've no idea...I need to get myself back...the real me seems lost...totally, completely lost!! :( :(

Thursday, 13 November, 2008

On special demand...

This is for u, Richa...tried to express ur feelings... :)
it might not be perfect but then i'd promised you na!!
so here goes...

The night wasn't dark
for the stars twinkled bright
The heavens showered their love
as u walked into my life

Its no longer a solitary me
"We" it is all the while
With you by my side,I believe
I can always walk that extra mile

Even as I think abt ur anger
and those times I'd felt bad
My mind tends to lead me away
far away from all that was sad

The days when you won't be here
are something i wouldn't like to measure
Its just our lovely memories
that I now wish to treasure

Each moment's been full of love
every day filled with comfort n care
Whatever I do, whichever way I go
I know you'll be there...each and everywhere!!!

Friday, 31 October, 2008

The twelve hours!!!

'Goodbye'...this single word shall ring in my ears forever.
what followed this single word were plenty of tears, endless calling on a no. that continued to stay switched off and a sleepless night!!!

i guess i love learning my lessons the hard way...i don't know why i behave as if i'm the biggest duffer on this planet??(which i actually am, no proof needed.period)

Well, this single word did teach me a lot and thanx to it i hope i'll improve and not change[using your point, buddy] (*winks*)

everything was back to normal(i still don't understnd wht is normal) within 12 hrs without any hint of anger though i could sense your disappointment, rockstar (*sighs*)
I'm gonna work on my faults n i promise no one shall have any complaints!!!
(*few more tears interspersed with a single smile*)

Friday, 10 October, 2008

Two big zeroes after no. thirteen :) ;) :P

Well, this is one more of my "thank you a lot" posts!! :)
I'd like to mention here few of my friends who've encouraged me immensely over the past 6 months or so...!! :)
Richa - who handled evrything in college perfectly in my absence..took over a huge load off my shoulders..HATS OFF TO U SWEETIE!!

Snehal - my partner in crime(not literally ha..)got to know u better over these days, hope we'll head off together..'TWAS FUN BEING WITH U!!

Devesh - I bugged u all the time with my silly doubts n u solved them effortlessly, taking out time from ur busy schedule, not even once did u say no to me..YOU ARE GREAT, ROCKSTAR!!

Ravi - one person who reminded me to work hard each day n made me realise that I cud do really well..YOUR WORDS HELPED A LOT BUDDY!!

Nitesh - you taught me to stay cool n calm...THAT HELPED ON THE FINAL DAY!!

Parag - those links u'd sent were damn good..THANX A TON, DOC!!

Shreya(she always said i cud manage sumthing decent enuf), Amey(shall remember those maths sums), Pranay(helped me with the basic concepts) seems endless :P

Actually each of my friends - who tolerated my refusals to go out for parties, movies, picnics etc etc..
I did my job but without your interference..oops..i mean support it wouldn't have been possible...LOVE U ALL!! :);):p